Baby Cooper - San Diego Newborn Session

Your best friend has a baby boy. And you get the honor of capturing his newborn details! I'm in HEAVEN!

Bethany and I have known each other since college where we were freshman roommates. She was the first person (besides my coach who picked me up) that I met when I first arrived in the USA. Having been super delayed to the airport in Minneapolis, MN, with no working cell phone or a way to reach her, I thought for sure she had left and gone home. But no, as we pull up to campus where I was to spend the next 4 years, there she was. In a yellow truck, such a typical American car I started laughing. I was definitely a long way from home.

Already super nervous and home sick, she had me feeling so much better than the first thing she did was give me a BIG hug! Since then, we've been best friends. So when she told me I was pregnant tears started pooling in my eyes. But it was nothing compared to the love and proud I felt when I saw her in the hospital and got to meet her little man for the first time.

Cooper is so very special to me. A little bundle of joy (I mean look at that smile in one of the pictures!!!). Such an amazing combination of his mother and father. Every time I think back to this time it makes me smile and my heart beats just a little bit stronger for my friend and her family!