Kennedy's Newborn Session - San Diego Newborn Photographer

Newborn pictures can keep your memories alive

Newborn pictures are so important to have as a keepsake. Babies grow up so fast. Before you know it they are crawling all over the place, eating solid food and developing their own personality. All things that are absolutely wonderful and amazing. However, sometimes you want to just sit back and reminisce of then they were just newborns. Newborn pictures will help keep the memories alive of when they were fresh out of the hospital. By capturing their little features like toes, fingers and lips your mind can relive the very first few weeks that you had together as a new family.

How adorable is the name Kennedy by the way? I love how unique baby names have become nowadays. I actually got to know Kennedy's parents through some friend's of mine  who's newborn pictures I took when their daughter Ava was born last fall. (By the way - another amazing name!)

Kennedy's parents are the owners and operators of the cool marketing service called Storm Brain. Being entrepreneurs who work for other companies and travel a lot, scheduling can sometimes be hard. We were actually scheduled to do Kennedy's mom's maternity pictures on February 16th. However, baby girl decided to give her parents an amazing Valentine's Day present and arrived on February 14th.

Since I didn't have a studio here in San Diego at the time, I had the pleasure of capturing the newness of Kennedy at her parent's amazing home. This house is literally like straight out of a magazine. Leah and Blake renovated the entire home by themselves and it turned out so good. Sorry - got side tracked. Either way, the beautiful home is filled of gorgeous natural light that does wonders for a newborn session.