Baby Thomas - San Diego Newborn Photography

When family asks you to take their newborn pictures.

You have to say yes. Baby Thomas gave us all a small heart attack when he was born. He gave his mom a real tough time at the hospital, and after 12 hours of labor she was finally pushed into the delivery room for an emergency C-section. At first we all felt terrible because we all knew how much she really wanted a natural birth. However, when they rolled her by us after the procedure, all she said was "There's no way I would've been able to push that boy out!"

Born at 10lbs and 4 oz he sure was a big boy and I couldn't wait to get my hands on him and give him a big welcome only an aunt can do!

Not only did it feel super special being my nephews newborn photographer, but his gallery is probably one of my favorite galleries so far! Seeing that his family is very outdoorsy and extreme baseball fans we had to incorporate some of that into his session. It was a complete milestone for me to be able to use a baseball for Thomas to rest his hands on as it's kind of a tricky pose to capture.

lease enjoy his pictures because isn't he just the cutest?