Abigail - Newborn Pictures in San Diego, CA

Being able to do newborn pictures in San Diego, CA is like a dream come true. Living in a beautiful place AND get to snuggle newborns. Yes please!!

Meet miss Abigail . She was 9 days old at the time of our session! Her parents and I used to live right next door to each other. They were basically the only neighbors we used to talk to. 

Baby Abigail was a dream to work with, slept so soundly and didn't fuss much at all. Which is hilarious because she later got a nickname of "crabby-gail" because she would cry constantly. But not during our newborn pictures. For a few hours, her mom got the chance to relax and I captured some of my favorite newborn pictures. 

I mean how can they not be when they include a 100 year old buggy!! It used to belong to her great-grandpa and her mom recently got it shipped over from Boston! How awesome is that? Add in her round cheeks, pouty lips and red hair! It was hard picking favorites while editing her session and provided probably way too many images to her parents! Oh well, sometimes you just have a session you just want to keep working on!