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My Best Friend’s Baby

The first time I met Bethany and Joe was outside of our college dorm room at August University in Minneapolis, MN. They were patiently sitting in Joe’s yellow truck as my golf coach drove me from the airport to what was going to be my home for the next year. It was my first day in the US, first time ever being so far from my family, scared and nervous as can be expected. Little did I know, inside that yellow truck sat my future family.

Bethany and I were freshman roommates in college. After college we became work colleagues for three years. Then I moved cross country to California. But through it all, our friendship grew stronger and I know consider them my family. So of course, when they add a beautiful little girl to their family, you can bet I’ll be on the first flight going back to MN to meet her.

For an entire weekend I spent my days snuggling this little baby girl and playing games with her older brother. But not without grabbing some pictures for them to remember this time by of course. And the best part was while walking around their basement we found this amazing bed. Bethany’s aunt had painted it for her when she was a little child. How cool is that? Such an old bed (not saying that my friend is old but you know…) and in such a great shape - of course we had to include it in some of the pictures.

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