Baby Siena - Newborn Photographer in San Diego

As a San Diego Newborn Photographer there is no greater compliment than receiving an email from a Newborn client that reads as follows: 

These pictures turned out so well! I think we'd like to order all of the images, as it's too difficult to pick[....] Thank you again for all of your hard work getting these amazing images for our family.

A a newborn photographer I absolutely love being able to snuggle up with freshly born babies that are usually barely 2 weeks of age. There is a certain smell to them that is comforting and familiar. Their high pitched cries every once in a while, the pee and poop that almost always ends up on me or my props, are worth it when you you know that what you do is so very important.

A newborn is only so tiny for a very short period of time and being able to provide pictures to the family where they can remember this freshness by 18 years from now when their kid is heading off to college is priceless. Another wonderful compliment as a photographer is when your clients are referred by past clients. Siena's parent's found me via one of their neighbor's who had hired me to photograph their little newborn girl earlier this year. They were so happy with their pictures and with their great experience Siena's parents knew they wanted their daughter's pictures done by me as well.

They all came in to my newborn studio on a gorgeous Thursday morning 10 days after Siena was born. This little girl may be tiny, but she is very stubborn and definitely made me work for the images. It took us a good while to get her to fall asleep but once she did, she behaved so well and we were able to get so many cute poses out of her. I usually say that a newborn session lasts between 2-3 hours, but this little girl stretched hers out for almost 4 hours! Needless to say I was sweaty and exhausted when we were done but it was all definitely worth it don't you think?

I always ask my parents if they have something specific they want to incorporate into their pictures. It could be certain colors, props that have special meaning to them, or a setup that would fit into the nursery. Siena's mom brought this cute little bird with her that symbolizes her birth. I love this simple setup with the simple colors that matched perfectly with the bird!

Detail shots are something I always try to include in a my newborn galleries. I think they are just as important as pictures of the baby alone. Showing off their tiny little toes, the lips and eyelashes, the fingers and hands. Including parents in some pictures is an absolute must! Sometimes I have mom's who don't feel like being in pictures after having just gone through a pregnancy and having given birth. However, given the opportunity I always try to persuade them to get into at least a couple of pictures. By shooting from a flattering angle I reduce the belly they might be uncomfortable with, providing them with gorgeous parent shots that they can enjoy in the future. The last thing I want is for someone to regret not getting in front of the camera when they had the chance.