Beach Family Portrait Photography Session at Hotel Del Coronado

Hotel Del Coronado Family Portrait Photography

It's always special to have out of town clients book you for special occasions. This family flew in from Texas and North Carolina respectively to have some family pictures taken on the beach. They used to live in San Diego but moved when the sisters were very young. But back they came to celebrate their sister who passed away just a couple of years ago and of course they wanted some family pictures on the beach by Hotel Del Coronado to remember this special time by.

If you look close at the pictures you'll see a marble globe in their hands. This globe is actually a representation of the daughter/sister that passed away a couple of years ago. There's an online company that actually will incorporate the ashes of a lost one and create this beautiful looking globe in whatever color scheme you'd like. Such a unique and personal way to remember someone who is not only with us in spirit. 

Thank you Hotel Del Coronado for providing such a beautiful backdrop for these family pictures in San Diego.