Kid Friendly Summer Camps in San Diego - Photography Summer Camp

San Diego Summer Camps for Kids

School is almost out but you are not quite sure if you should be happy about it or start stressing out. Summer can be a lot of fun - plenty of beach days, runs in the park and water games in the backyard. But it also comes with challenges like what should you do with the kids during the week now when school won’t take them?

Well the solution is to send your kids to one of the many Kid Friendly Summer Camps in San Diego. And if you want something extra special for your kids to do this summer, something where they aren’t just hanging out having fun with other kids, but are also learning a new skillset, then listen up!

Are your kids constantly snagging your phone to take pictures? Are they wanting to know why one picture look different than another? Do they love going through your family albums to look at all the pictures from years past?

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Photography Summer Camp for San Diego Kids

Then this is the opportunity you have been looking for. Our very own Photography Summer Camp is starting on June 17th! With three different weeks to choose from your kids will have SO MUCH FUN learning the ins and outs of photography. We will chat history of photography, we will go over the technical aspects of what makes a great photo, and we will even do some hands-on experience with actual cameras.

Have your kids bring their own camera, or come use one of ours. Whichever will work perfectly. And at the end of the summer we invite all the kids and their parents back for our End of the Summer Art Exhibit where the kids can showcase their favorite picture they’ve taken over the summer.

Plenty of fun, plenty of friends and a whole bunch of snapping. Come join our Summer Camp Today! Register before May 30th to save on the registration fee. Use code “earlybird” at checkout.