Leo - San Diego Baby Photographer

Meet Leo - a beautiful, barely two week old little boy. When he left with his parents after the session I have to say, my heart hurt a little bit - I could've kept him for forever.

Leo's mom have been following me on Instagram for a while and knew when Leo was born she wanted to hire me for his newborn pictures. She called me the week he was born and we managed to squeeze them in the following week. 

Side note: I was so excited when I found out his name was Leo as one of my uncles on my dad's side is Leo. It's not a very common name I don't think and it's so fun to see it used again.

Anyway, let me tell you about this newborn session. Leo came in, sleeping soundly in his car seat. He woke up slightly as we unbuckled him and undressed him to prepare him for his newborn pictures. While we managed to feed him a little bit, this dude was so sleepy he fell right back asleep. And he stayed a sleep for his entire session. 

He was such an easy little baby to work with and I am in-love with his newborn pictures. His parents ordered a folio box with 10 if his images and I cannot wait to hand deliver it to them so they can forever treasure this special time in their lives. 

Well sit back and prepare your heart to swell a little bit extra because these images are sweet as candy! (oh gosh - that sounds so cheesy, but it's so true!)