Meet Sidney - The most Colorful Mom in San Diego

A San Diego Mom Blog in Color

I'm super excited to introduce you all to Sidney, the owner, creator and colorful spirit of Yay For Today. We first met last year when I did some marketing pictures for her Instagram. Sidney puts the fun back in motherhood and shares her stories about being a mom in San Diego.

Who is Sidney?

Sidney Hambsch is the creator of Yay For Today, a place online where women can find happiness, be inspired to live a healthy life and celebrate fun family moments. She shares food ideas that taste good and make you feel good, fitness tips that will motivate you to move your body and keeps mamahood real with lots of rainbows on her colorful Instagram feed!

Married to her high-school sweet heart they have a two-year-old babe named Liam and lives in sunny San Diego! Working out is her therapy, Taylor Swift is her favorite and Joanna Gaines is her role model.

On the daily you can find her sharing all the things on her IG story, eating her famed snack PB2 powder in vanilla Greek yogurt and adventuring Cali with her boys! She hopes you feel comfy, warm and welcomed when visiting Yay For Today!

What is Yay for Today?

Yay For Today is a place online where women can find info and inspo for a happy healthy life! I blog about food, family and fitness!

In order to be the best mama you can be, you have to find happiness outside of motherhood to fill your well- so I help mama’s find their yay in their day! She does so by keeping things real with a lot of rainbows on my colorful Instagram account!

What is something unique about you?

I used to be a television reporter but now live my life as a happy mom and instagram influencer!

Where can people find you?

Instagram is where I share all of my fun adventures, colorful walls and life with a 2 year old.

What is your favorite thing to do in San Diego with your kid?

We absolutely LOVE going out to explore and adventure around our city of San Diego. Finding new spots to eat ice cream (FROYO IS OUR FAVORITE!), kid friendly play grounds where my son can play his little heart out, and meeting fellow San Diego Moms are our favorite activities.

How do you find balance in life between self care, parenting and house care?

I don't think there is such a thing as actual balance. When I'm at home I'm at home 100% and when I'm working I am 100% working. This ensure I'm not scatter brained and can pay full attention to the people around me. Make going out a PRIORITY. Chores can wait, so go out and explore with your children while you can. They grow up so fast so take the time to make new fun memories.

Make sure to follow along with Sidney on Instagram as she keeps planning more events for moms in San Diego. Take a look at this beautiful event she helped host together with Wee Gather just a few weeks back!

Her feed is both colorful and happy just like her smile and personality!