Mila & Lauren - San Diego Portrait Session

A Seaport Village Portrait Session in downtown San Diego.

I first connected with Lauren on Facebook in one of those networking groups. Her husband is in the military and they were stationed in San Diego, CA. About 5 months ago Lauren decided she needed a fur baby to keep her company while her husband is deployed.

Enter Mila - the sweetest, cutest and most adorable Olde English Bulldog. She entered Laurens life with kisses, smiles and cuddles. The first time they met Lauren knew this was the dog for her. They were meant to be. So together they left and never looked back. 

Lauren explains that Mila has had such a wonderful impact on her life that she wanted to share their story with the world. A way to encourage other people to adopt bulldogs (or dogs) in need and add another family member to their household. Follow her instagram for adorable updates and pictures of these two as they explore San Diego together!  

I can't wait to take some more portrait pictures of these two in the future.