One Year Adoptaversary - San Diego Dog Portraits

Milea’s One Year Adoptaversary Cake Smash

I first met Lauren and Mila about a year ago as Lauren needed some pictures for her new blog. A blog dedicated to Mila, adoption and how a dog can change your life.

Well fast forward a year and Lauren and Mila celebrated their one year adoptaversary. One year since they officially became family. And of course, it had to be celebrated with a cake smash.

From Lauren:

“Resuce: It’s not just a verb, it’s a promise”

There aren’t enough words to describe how much Mila has done for me in the one year that I’ve had her. I really feel that I was meant to Rescue her and she was meant for us.

Her life may not have been good before but I’m so glad she found her true home with us. She reminds me to enjoy the little things in life and cherish every moment. I feel so blessed that she chose me to be her mom.

A rescued dog doesn’t just save one life, it saves two. The life of the dog being rescued, and the life of another homeless dog who now has a spot to feel safe and comfortable in a shelter.