Rome - Newborn Photography in San Diego, CA

"Is my baby too old for a newborn pictures?"

It's a question I receive many times. While 5-12 days is my ideal age to get your newborn baby into the studio for their newborn pictures, it's definitely possible to do newborn pictures with an older baby as well. It all comes down to the preparations prior to your newborn session. Our newborn photography studio is located close to downtown San Diego, CA and is easily accessible. Prior to your session I always send out a preparation guideline that will help you prepare for our newborn session. In it you'll read suggestions on how to keep your baby awake prior to your session and how to wait to feed him or her until right before you leave for the studio. By the time you're driving to the studio your baby will be sleepy and fall into a milk coma. While we may need to feed again slightly by the time you arrive at the studio, your baby will be so sleepy he/she will have no issues falling asleep with some coaxing. 

Baby Rome was almost a month old when he came to see me at the studio in San Diego. He definitely made me work for the images though. He started off wide awake, and while he eventually fell sleep, the slightest movement made him wake up. Little guy was not happy with me for not letting him just lay there and sleep. Luckily, with time and patience even the most stubborn newborns can be captured in beautiful newborn pictures. And who can deny these beautiful big brown eyes???

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