San Diego Maternity Studio - Lesson learned, pick up your phone!

A Beautiful Studio Maternity Portrait Session

One of the biggest lessons I've learned about running my own business is that you have to show up on a daily basis. While each day may not include a shoot, each day includes customer service, one way or another. You never know when a new customer will show up. How they will find you and what they are looking for.

However, one of the things I really dislike are all the telemarketers that call your phone each and every day. Unknown numbers from all over the US that are calling you with automated messages. This has made me really dislike picking up my phone. BUT picking up your phone could be the difference between loosing a customer or gaining a new client. 

This is exactly what happened with this beautiful lady right here. In the last month of her pregnancy she was looking for a maternity photographer in San Diego. Someone to capture this special time in her life. She reached out to some of the top photographers in San Diego listed on Google's front page. Turns out, I was the only one who picked up my phone when she called. And lucky me! Because this turned in to such a beautiful maternity session. And only two weeks later, I got to meet her beautiful daughter for their newborn session. Stay tuned for images from this beautiful session too!