Three Months to Prepare for Parenthood - Meet Alina and Her Two Dads

Two Dads stepping into Parenthood

When Alina’s dad reached out to me to book a newborn session at my San Diego Studio, Alina was already two weeks old. Usually newborn sessions are done between 8-12 days of birth, this is when the babies are the most sleepy and also able to move into those cute curled up positions we all love so much. Having said that, I’m not afraid to invite older newborns into my newborn studio. Sometimes, the older newborns actually sleep even better.

The reason being was because Alina’s dad had decided only a few months earlier that they were ready to adopt a little baby into their family. Usually, adoptions can take months, sometimes even years, before a couple gets to welcome a new family member into their home. However, this was not the case for Alina’s dads. Within three months of starting their adoption process, they got to hold their beautiful little girl in their arms.

Most people have at least 9 months to prepare for a new baby. Can you imaging having to get everything together within 3 months? Crazy right? Well, Alina’s dads took it with stride and seemed like complete naturals when they came in to the studio for their session.

By the time Alina’s newborn session came around she was close to four weeks, an adorable little chunk with the most adorable smiles and sounds. No, she wasn’t the most sleepy baby I’ve ever had in the studio, but she was very calm and relaxed throughout her entire session which meant I got some of the most adorable open eyed pictures of her! And let me tell you, she’s got the most beautiful eyes. Her dads opted to purchase our gorgeous 10x10 Suede album to remember her newborn pictures by and I was so happy I could deliver this to them in person.