When to Book Your Maternity Photography Session

To be pregnant is to be vitally alive, thoroughly woman, and undoubtedly inhabited.
– By Anne Buchanan & Debra Klingsporn

Being pregnant is a wonderful thing. To grow a being and bringing a child into this world is one of the most beautiful events in life. And it deserves to be documented. You carry your baby for almost 10 months and your body will change. It will adjust to this new adventure in your life. Booking a maternity portrait session will help you remember this journey you and your family is on.

When is the right time to book your maternity photography session?

It's never too early to book your session. Once you've found a photographer that matches the style of photography you are looking for I'd recommend reaching out as soon as possible to get on the schedule. 

Maternity portrait sessions are generally done in week 32-35, or earlier if you're expecting twins. This is my favorite time in the pregnancy to do your pictures for two main reasons:

1. Enough time before baby says hello

Assuming everything is going well in your pregnancy you will be pregnant for about 40 weeks. Thus, scheduling your maternity photography in the weeks 32-35 will allow for plenty of time before baby says hello. 

2. Your belly is beautiful!

At 32-35 weeks your belly will have popped. It will be a beautiful shape that's perfect to document for your pregnancy pictures. Your belly will be round and big, but yet, not too big. 

Outdoor Maternity Photography Session by San Diego Pregnancy Photographer Studio Freyja

So what are you waiting for? Give me a shout if you want your pregnancy documented in some beautiful fine art images!