With Baby in Focus - San Diego Baby Photographer

6 Months Milestone Session in San Diego Portrait Studio

I scroll through Social Media and see all these incredibly elaborate setups for newborn photography and baby pictures in San Diego and across the world. Don’t get me wrong, they are fabulous looking. My eye keeps flitting across the screen, seeing beautiful backdrops, iron wrought beds, surrounded by Christmas Trees and flowers, with babies dresses up in massive, doll like dresses. It’s stunning. It’s unique. And it looks expensive, as it should.

And then I wonder, maybe this is what I should be doing too? But then I look at my work and the babies I have photographed and I realize that I LOVE the minimalistic nature of it all. I love the fact that my newborn pictures and the pictures of my babies have the baby in focus. Eyes aren’t flitting across the image to try to take it all in. It goes straight to the baby. The baby who is sleeping, smiling, crying - whatever they are doing. Parents bring their kids to me to celebrate a milestone. To capture pictures of their babies at a certain time in their lives so they can forever remember them just as they were - natural, innocent and full of life.

So when Reagan’s parents came back for her 6 month session I knew that I was going simple. I knew I wanted Reagan’s beautiful blue eyes shine in the images. I didn’t want her to disappear among huge dresses, or elaborate setups (as gorgeous as those can be!). I wanted her to shine like the little princess as she is. And shine she did for her baby pictures. Just take a look for yourself!