Zara - San Diego Infant Portrait Session

Being part of the San Diego creative community has allowed me to meet some amazing people.

That is how I met Zara's mom last fall, as we collaborated on a creative project together. We instantly connected and I was so thrilled when her and her husband decided to book a newborn photography session with me last fall. 

As a newborn photographer I have learned over the years that each baby is unique and act differently. Some babies come in sleeping, while others are awake the entire time. But I've also learned that even the most awake baby, or a fussy baby, will eventually fall asleep in my newborn studio. 

Zara, bless her heart, really made me pull out all of my baby whispering skills. Have you ever seen those images online of "newborn photography fails" where baby pees or poops everywhere? Well this is exactly what happened during this newborn session. Poor Zara's mom had to take the brunt of it as we started with the parent shots. There were both pee and poop that landed on her arm and feet! As the champ that she is though all she did was laugh and said "The Show Must Go On!" and it was one incredible show. Just take a look for yourself below.