Booking a San Diego Newborn Photography Session

What to Expect from your newborn photography session

Each newborn session is completely different from the next. Your family is unique and your newborn baby will be unique. However, there are certain guidelines I follow to ensure a successful session. 
Below you'll find some of the most asked questions and answers to help you plan for your newborn session. If you have further questions, please fill out the contact form and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

what happens if my newborn is born early or late?

When you schedule your newborn session I put down your estimated due date on my calendar. I then plan my session two week prior and two weeks after that due date to ensure there is enough availability for your session in case he or she decides to come on it's own time. This is also the reason why I only schedule a limited number of newborn sessions each month. 

when do i book a newborn session?

Ideally as soon as possible. Because you can never accurately depict when a newborn will be born I only schedule a limited number of newborn sessions each week. It's always a good idea to schedule your newborn session at the same time you schedule your maternity session. 

what can i expect from a newborn session?

A newborn session takes place at my studio at the La Bodega Gallery, close to downtown San Diego. It's a smaller and intimate studio perfect for newborn sessions. The length of a session varies depending on the needs of the baby. Some babies need to be fed more often than others which can affect the time. Some babies fall into a deeper sleep while others need to be constantly soothed back into their sleep. Generally a newborn session would take between 2-4 hours. You will always receive a preparation package prior to your session to ensure a successful session. During your newborn session I will do a variety of setups using both the beanbag and props. We will also include parent and sibling shots if desired. Because each newborn is so different in their sleep and behavior I don't guarantee the number of sets we do. I let the newborn dictate how the session is going and will never force him or her into any poses he or she aren't comfortable doing. With almost 50 newborn sessions in my experience I've learned to listen to the baby and knowing the difference between being fussy and telling me no. 

The newborn session is a great time for your to sit back and relax. Enjoy some complimentary snacks and beverages while reading a magazine or catching up on the latest Netflix show. It's important for me to create a relaxing and comfortable environment because the baby can sense when someone is stressed. I can assure you I will be very safe and gentle with your baby. I always make sure that me, or someone else, is within reach of the baby at all times to ensure safety. There are also poses when I require an assistant - a lot of the newborn images you see online are two images composed into one in order to keep the baby safe and healthy. 

i don't think my toddler can stay for 4 hours, what do we do!

Whenever we include siblings (or dogs) in a newborn session I try to schedule those poses towards the end. Because the studio gets pretty hot and a session can take a few hours, toddlers can get restless. I always recommend having one of the parents, a grandparent or a nanny drop the sibling off 2-3 hours after the session start. This way they can come refreshed to the family pictures and will be more likely to cooperate for those adorable sibling shots you've seen in my portfolio. 


my newborn was a premie and in the hospital for a while. is she/he too old for a newborn session?

Ideally I like to schedule your newborn session for when they are between 7-12 days old. This is when they are the most sleepy while also still used to being curled up in poses similar to what I do during your session. However, sometimes life doesn't go as planned and for one reason or another you may be at the hospital for longer than you had originally planned. That it completely ok. I have had successful newborn sessions with babies that have been 1 month old and slept just as well as a 2 week old baby. Generally, if a baby is a premie (and have to be in the hospital for a while) you can have a successful session up until their actual due date and even beyond.

do you do lifestyle newborn sessions as well?

There is a huge misconception of all newborn sessions being the same. That is not the case. I purely do posed studio newborn sessions in a controlled, relaxed and stress free environment. It's my goal to create fine art pieces for your to display around your home showcasing your beautiful infant baby and family. These are different from lifestyle newborn sessions that usually take place in your home, are less posed and use your home as the backdrop. If you think you'd rather want a lifestyle session I am happy to recommend some talented newborn photographers in San Diego.